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unit4smallbusiness - Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy(Unit...

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Marketing Plan: Market Analysis (Unit 4) The key to marketing is hitting your target at the correct time. To do this my focus is primarily on using radio to advertise because most people listen to their radio in their car so what better time to implant the idea of them cleaning their car then when in their car. Also I want to focus more on outside advertising such as billboards and such. It is also important to use print and TV, but you’re going to want to spend the money where most efficient.
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Unformatted text preview: Marketing Plan: Marketing Strategy (Unit 4) The marketing strategy to best hit the customer is to relate and make them think I am speaking to them. Having promotions every week to get their attention such as singling it down to make and model of vehicle can receive a discount on certain days. Doing things like early bird discounts or military discounts, just something to make that light bulb come on to the potential customer....
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