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EXAMPLE #1 Having money brings opportunity. A wealthy country as a whole brings more opportunities to their citizens compared to the poorer countries. The country has better funding for things such as public schools, public safety and health, and government. “In particular, countries with higher per capita income tend to have more stable democracies than poorer countries…the higher the income, then the more secure human rights are, the better average health is and more equal the distribution of income is” (Frey 75). A higher income brings people these rights. Living with these, may cause less stress to an individual. They feel more secure and therefore happier. With this, people will have fewer reasons to worry about fighting for their rights and care. In some less fortunate countries, these rights are not available to the people. They may have to fight for rights such as these. It is unfair to them that they have to sacrifice their happiness because the area they live cannot provide human rights that should be mandatory to all. Regardless of it all, everything boils down to money. If one does not have the money to support, there is not much else one can do. “By pressing forward with all possible vigor, the government could hasten the day for achieving major benefits to society and even, more important, creating more equal opportunities and a happier more fulfilling life” (Bok 155). With the help of the government our overall well-being will increase. Their jobs are mainly to do what is best for the people in the present and also in the future. They have the power, the resources, and the funds to increase the well-being of their people. The people need to let it be known to their government of what they believe can best improve life and happiness and push the government to help in all ways possible. Life would be more fulfilling and less stressful if government can provide their citizens with rights that will increase our happiness and our lives. Decisions made in the present will greatly affect what will happen in the future. We tend to make decisions by not only considering the present but also how life would be in the future. We make sacrifices now so we can be happy later. “People want to be happy, and all the other things they want are typically meant to be means to that end. Even when people forgo happiness in the moment… they are usually doing so in order to increase its future yield” (Gilbert 36). Everyone has done this at some point of their lives. Students put in hard work, late night working hours, and cups of coffee knowing that soon they will graduate and become what they planned to be. The hours spent while they are in required classes struggling with the work or struggling to stay awake will yield them to a great paying job for the future. Although life as a college student may be rough and unhappy, soon enough, they will be ecstatic that there will be no more classes and they can finally begin their career and make money. As children, we are taught to believe
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Analytic+Essay+Examples - EXAMPLE#1 Having money brings...

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