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CONVERTING PROPOSAL to RESEARCH PAPER Structuring paragraphs and finding points and subheadings. You need to begin tying research/readings together. That means you need more than one, preferably similar, reading. If you are grouping your articles according to repeated terms and similar findings, this should be no problem. If your articles seem too diverse to connect, that means you haven’t yet established the specific TERMS of your research. Once you do that, you can use those keywords in databases repeatedly, find similar studies, and connect the studies successfully. Once you begin to group studies, subheadings for the connected paragraphs should emerge. These headings go under the Lit Review section of your paper. You may have several connected paragraphs under each subheading, OR have only one or two. Either is OK. Be sure you begin paragraphs with a topic sentence (relates to the subheading and
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Unformatted text preview: the thesis). Put the quote INSIDE the paragraph. Explain completely after each quote. Remember to completely introduce title and author the first time you use him. Remember to lead in every quote with your own words: DO NOT DROP QUOTES IN! Introduction Mapping: • List or map the most important background ideas for your topic. Remember to include terms, populations, recent and relevant history, and any other reason why we should care about the topic. What effects or importance does your research have for society? • Order your information so it flows smoothly. BE SURE TO USE TRANSITIONS! You can mention authors or studies if they are crucial to understanding your topic. Try to avoid citations, however. Paraphrase and summarize so that you don’t need citations. • End your Introduction section with a thesis statement that includes happiness, your topic, and the direction of your research....
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