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Developing a Conceptual Framework: Your conceptual framework can initially come from the class readings, but must be expanded by the library research. Look for articles that give you background on your topic. These articles can be older and established theories, but can also be recent studies that are thorough and informative. Conceptual frameworks should mention important people in the field. Rather than quote, paraphrase and summarize these ideas. The conceptual framework should establish what direction your paper will take,
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Unformatted text preview: and the important points you would like to cover. These ideas may be asked as questions. • Include not only your original question, but ask at least two more questions based on the research you have found so far. For instance, if you are studying stress in college students, some other questions may be: what does parental pressure about doing well contribute to stress? Do some majors of study create more stress for students (for instance studying medicine) than other majors?...
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