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Discussion of Lit Review #1: Please have a discussion about the Lit Reviews for your group. If the subheadings are different than below, be sure the information is the same. You are being graded on having these 10 pieces of info. FORMAT REQUIREMENTS: Please use the following subtitles for each section. 1) MLA Citation of the research 2) Authors’ credentials and expertise 3) Vocabulary: new terms; old terms defined according to your research ( do not give dictionary definition!) 4) Summary of source (one paragraph)
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Relevant quotes (2) and explanation ( which quotes do you plan to use in your paper?) 6) Apply quotes to thesis/frame with explanation. 7) Ask new questions based on this source’s findings 8) Counterclaims, conditions under which the claims are less true, qualifiers that limit the claim. ( Each article should provide some limitations. Find them and explain) . 9) Connection to at least one other reading (for Lit Review 1, make this connection to Gilbert, HSK, or Freud)....
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