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EXAMPLE #1 Using text in Introductions Today’s world is fueled by the media and what we can make of it. Societies today use the media more now to spread the news of different people, places, or things. As the media’s images are a part of many people’s lives, it can affect them in different ways. Does the media’s images really affect the mind and for what length of time? Who does it most likely affect? We wonder if media really does change the mindset of people through images we see daily. The population is limited to adolescent girls. During this point in time, adolescent girls are working to find ways to find their selves or find ways to fit in, therefore are more susceptible to outside pressure. This age frame is crucial because pressure from all around to conform to the ideal body type is more apparent to them than any other time. This is also the time where their bodies are going through biological changes. Christine Knauss, Susan J. Paxton, Francoise D. Alsaker , authors of Body Dissatisfaction in Adolescent Boys and Girls: Objectified Body Consciousness, Internalization of the Media Body Ideal and Perceived Pressure from the Media, state that media is a contributing factor to the well-being and happiness of an adolescent girl (Knauss et al). The images of the media and the ideal body can be found almost daily. Society is what made the ideal body type to be slim, fit, with a small waist to hip ratio. Anything less than this can make an adolescent go to an extreme to be the ideal body type. EXAMPLE #2: Using Text in INTRODUCTIONs
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EXAMPLES+for+Draft+1 - EXAMPLE #1 Using text in...

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