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Happiness Questions: 1) Do people who suffer from anxiety and shyness feel less accomplished then those who do not? 2) Are families that immigrate happier in the new country or back in their home country? 3) Does fitness bring happiness to one’s life? 4) Can the things that made people happy before experiencing events that cause Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder still make them happy? 5) Does therapy increase happiness later on in life? 6) Since relationships affect a person’s overall happiness, how much of an effect do outside factors have on it? 7) Does having an addiction cause unhappiness on others, such as friends and family? 8) By studying past climates in American society, how has climate effected culture? 9) Does stress have a positive effect on us and our daily lives? 10) Will people with eating disorders ever feel happy when they meet their ideal body image?
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Unformatted text preview: 11) To what extent does bullying influence ones happiness? 12) Does a womans level of happiness affect her choice for an abortion? 13) Is it possible for a person to be happy while being under the influence of an eating disorder, and if they overcome that eating disorder, can they be happy? 14) Are childrens happiness influenced by their parents or guardians overall well-being and happiness? 15) How long does it take for one to reach his or her previous level of well-being after leaving a significant relationship? 16) For those who are dying from an illness: is it possible to cure yourself if you dont worry/dont feel negative about dying? Can you at least live longer than expected, or quite possibly reverse the effects of your illness?...
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