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Go to Click on SEARCH IRIS AND OTHER CATALOGS 1. In the Quick Search box, type your topic. 2. You can leave the search default as WORDS anywhere or change it to SUBJECT begins with or SUBJECT keyword . 3. Click SEARCH 4. Browse the titles and click on DETAILS for find out more about the book and its location at Rutgers. What the difference between Subject Searching and Keyword Searching? Subject Searching Subject searching looks for words in the Subject field. These are words or terms established by the Library of Congress. Subject searching is a good strategy for topics that are well defined, and have a lot written about them. Subject headings in IRIS include happiness , pleasure , well- being , contentment , and joy . Keyword Searching Keyword searching allows you to search for words in any of the text fields of the catalog. Keyword searching is usually less precise, but more flexible than subject searching.
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Unformatted text preview: Keyword searching is particularly useful for new topics, and for combining two or more ideas. Truncation and Wildcards in IRIS • $ is used as a truncation symbol to retrieve all terms beginning with the same root. The $ may replace more than one character. • A number following a $ is used to indicate the maximum number of characters the $ can represent. • ? is used as a wildcard to mask one character to retrieve similar words (e.g., woman and women). It can be used in the middle or at the end of a word. • A number following a ? is used to indicate the exact number of characters the ? represents. Examples: ethic$ retrieves ethic, ethical, ethics, ethicist, and ethicist wom?n retrieves woman or wo men pleasure? retrieves pleasure and pleasures Useful subject terms in IRIS include happiness , cheerfulness, contentment, joy, pleasure, well-being....
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