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PEER DISCUSSION of RESEARCH IDEA Instructions: Find a partner. Answer the following questions about your proposal: You should about 15 minutes per paper. 1) Discuss the debate around your question. Go beyond the two-sided model (happiness/unhappiness). What qualifiers or limitations or conditions do you find (under what circumstances may your claim be less true or be compromised?) 2) What framework will you use to research and answer this question? How does the background for this debate give you an idea of a framework? How does one
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Unformatted text preview: or more of our class readings speak to this debate? 3) Your additional questions should evolve from your reading so far. Do you feel as if you have at least one (possibly more) subclaim or additional question for your main question? 4) Does the tentative hypothesis reflect a sufficiently complex problem? Does it avoid black/white thinking and promise qualifying conditions? (note: the qualifying conditions usually are the additional questions ....
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