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The Topic I will be exploring the ethics of lobbying in politics in the US over the past 20 years. Lobbyists try to influence government officials to create legislation that would benefit their interests. This profession has turned into a circle of favors between politicians and interest groups. The interest groups provide information to lobbyists about the communities concerns in hopes that the government official can make a law that would benefit their group. In return for a favorable law, the interest groups continue to provide the politician with more information, drafted legislation, and most importantly money for campaigning and confirmed voters. While interest groups are beneficial vehicles that connect the people to the government, the growth in the industry makes me question motives of lobbyists and politicians. While the industry is growing, so are the wages of lobbyists, which seems peculiar. The Adopted Conceptual/Theoretical Framework 1. The Law of Conservation of Moralization shows that since time changes morality, old morals get thrown out and replaced by new ones. This will help in my paper because it could show that lobbying was beneficial when it first began but within the past twenty years the growth of the industry has shown that there is an increasing number of problems in the industry 2. Trolleyology
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This could show the importance of the small or poor interest groups versus the large or wealthy interest groups. Just because a certain interest group is small or doesn’t provide many potential voters or donations to a campaign doesn’t mean their interests aren’t important. 3. Non-zero sum games This could show that lobbyists, politicians, and citizens in the involving area could be better off if they act in a non-selfish way. Acting non-selfishly could result in a decrease in lobbyist wages but an increase in more effective legislation that help their interests. If politicians considered all sides of a certain argument he would actually be doing his job by creating helpful legislation and not only legislation that would ensure votes and funding.
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Proposal+and+Lit+Review+Samples - The Topic I will be...

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