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RESEARCH IN THE DISCIPLINES: Peer-Review, Research Paper: Draft #1: Paper of:________________________________________________________ Reviewer: Wait! This is NOT a silent peer review! Answer all questions with the help of the writer. If something is missing or hard to find, the writer should be the first to know! Writer : If your reviewer has trouble identifying something in your paper, see if you can revise it and clarify it for the next draft! I. FORMAT: Circle Yes/No Name and heading on left side . YES NO Header starting pg 2 upper right side : last name pg in sz 10 font YES NO 5-6 FULL pages YES NO I ntroduction has a clear research question included and a thesis in the last sentence. YES NO Introduction opens topic and generates reader interest. YES NO Introduction mentions important current things we should know about the topic. YES NO Background or Introduction discusses specific demographics of writer’s research question or thesis. Y ES NO Under the
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