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RESEARCH QUESTIONS SET 2: Please underline the keywords in your question. 1. Does being shy mean we are overall unhappy ? 2. Do relationships affect a person’s success rate? 3. Does a person’s happiness dwindle or increase as they age ? 4. Does the level of satisfaction differ between religious and nonreligious people? 5. Is stress an absence of happiness in troubling and tense situations or is it just a hidden attempt to remain happy even though we’re not? 6. Does raising a child who struggles from depression affect your degree of happiness ? 7. Do the media affect a teenager’s overall happiness ? 8. To what degree does the appearance of one’s physical environment influence their mood ? 9. Does Alzheimer’s disease have a greater effect on the well-being
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Unformatted text preview: of the individual or the family ? 10. Does intelligence have any affect on a person’s level of happiness ? 11. Are people in relationships generally happier than those who are single? If so, then why is the divorce rate so high? 12. How does a person’s level of self-satisfaction (or their view of their body image ) affect individuals who have binge-eating disorders ? 13. Can soldiers who return home from war and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder return to a normal happy life? 14. What are some of the prevailing concepts of flourishing , and which models seem to be useful in attaining it? 15. Does therapy have a lasting effect on happiness for those who are stressed ?...
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