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TOPIC TO FRAME WORKSHEET: Your Name:______________________________ Your Topic:______________________________________________________________ A. Topic Background: When did you first hear about this topic? What is the recent history of this topic: when did it first become a topic of interest to you? To society in general? B. Who would most likely come in contact with this topic? Who might be less likely to know about this topic? Include region/locale, gender, age, occupation, ethnicity, etc. if you can. C. What frame would likely fit this topic? For instance, can it be measured in well-being? In happiness? In contentment? In satisfaction? In success?
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Unformatted text preview: In achievement of health or lack of it? In measures of self-esteem? D. Write as much as you can about your present knowledge of this topic. What do you plan to look for in the research? What different fields of study can you research for this topic? Give at least one alternative plan/set of terms/related topic you can look for should you find little on this one. E. Trial Research Question/Frame: Now put your topic into a framed question that fits our class frame. Include some measure of contentment and a specific set of people if that applies....
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