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Using Text: Example 1: “Philosophers like to say subjective states are ‘irreducible’ which is to say that nothing we point to, nothing we can compare them with, and nothing we can say about their neurological underpinnings can fully substitute for the experience themselves.” (Gilbert 34). Why are you using this quote? What’s the point that you would like to highlight : Quote Introduction: Individual experiences are uniquely so : Explanation/Analysis : Our subjectivity of experience creates a problem when studying happiness and income. What income is enough for happiness? A hundred dollars for a poor person, or a million for us? It is the degree of income that dictates happiness. (Gilbert’s experience stretching or language squishing are ways to conflate varying degrees, so we can come to some kind of agreement about how we feel: happy)
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Unformatted text preview: Using Text: Example 2: “Many surveys confirm that social support is one of the biggest environmental contributors of well-being” (HSK 135). How can you use this quote to discuss income? Quote introduction: Other ways to measure well-being or happiness besides income may, in fact, prove to be more influential than income: Explanation/Analysis: However, an environmental contributor such as social support does not preclude the parallel existence of income with that social support. For instance, wealthy communities would provide that needed social support: one can spend time around other wealthy people that share common goals and find a great deal of satisfaction. Having wealth does not mean you cannot have that social support as well that will provide that more satisfactory happiness....
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