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chap 30 notes - Animal Kingdom: Protostomes Lophotrochozoa...

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Animal Kingdom: Protostomes Lophotrochozoa Evolution of the Coelom came with tube-within-a-tube body plan Hydrostatic skeleton (contracting muscles push against a tube of fluid) Phylum Platyhelminthes: flatworms, simplest bilaterally symmetrical triploblastic animal Class Turbellaria, Class Trematoda, Class Monogenea, Class Cestoda Flatworms: cephalization, no gas exchange, gastrovascular activity, simple nervous system Ladder-type nervous system, ganglia Turbellarians: many inhabit habitats, muscular pharynx takes in food Protonephridia: structures in Osmoregulation Planarians, flapping ears (auricles), capable of learning, memory retained throughout nrv sys Planarians: carnivorous, single opening digestive system, sucks in prey Excretion mainly by diffusion, partly by protonephridia Protonephridia: blind tubules that end in flame bulbs (collective cells w/ cilia) Reproduce sexually or asexually Flukes: parasites, Trematoda, Monogenea, suckers, alternation of sexual/asexual stages Tapeworms: intestine of vertebrates, head = scolex No mouth, no digestive system, uncooked beef Phylum Nemertea Ribbon worms Proboscis = Long muscular tube that can be rapidly everted (inside out) Have a circulatory system, and a complete digestive tract No heart, blood circulated by contractions of blood vessels and movement Functionally acoelomate , chamber around proboscis: rhynchocoel (true coelomic space)
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chap 30 notes - Animal Kingdom: Protostomes Lophotrochozoa...

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