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Chap 46 notes - Sloughs off if fertilization does not take...

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Chapter 46 Learning Objective 4 * Describe the structure and function of each organ of the human female reproductive system Female Reproductive System 1 * Ovaries produce gametes * steroid hormones estrogen and progesterone * Fertilization takes place in oviducts (uterine or fallopian tubes) * Immediately after ovulation, secondary oocyte is swept via cilia along toward the uterus * Degenerates if no fertilization takes place * PID - infertility Female Reproductive System 2 * Oviducts open into uterus * Upon fertilization; incubator for developing embryo * Implants in the endometrium * Endometrium * epithelial lining of uterus * thickens each month for possible pregnancy * Endometriosis: migration of endometrium to other areas such as oviducts, ovaries * Infertility possible
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Unformatted text preview: * Sloughs off if fertilization does not take place (menstruation) * Cervix * lower part of uterus * extends into the vagina * PAP and cancer Female Reproductive System Fig 49-9a Female Reproductive System Fig 49-12 Female Reproductive System 4 * Breasts * function in lactation (in early days fluid is called colostrum - protein and lactose, antibodies, later turns to milk production) * consist of 15 to 20 lobes of glandular tissue * gland cells arranged in alveoli (clusters) * Ducts from each cluster produce tiny opeings on surface of each nipple * Hormones * prolactin stimulates milk production * oxytocin stimulates ejection of milk from alveoli into ducts Breast Structure (Fig 49-13)...
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Chap 46 notes - Sloughs off if fertilization does not take...

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