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Exam 1 Study Guide - Epidemiology: Exam 1 Epidemiology is...

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Epidemiology: Exam 1 Epidemiology is the study of disease at a population level Distribution and frequency, patterns and trends, and determinants Aims to find causes, prevent further diseases, and contain current ones Hippocrates (400 BC) 1 st epidemiologist Rational rather than supernatural Related disease to environment, time, and seasons Observation Ibn Sina (Avicenna) (600-1200) Islam Quarantine Testing effectiveness of new drugs Scientific revolution (1500 – 1600) Black Plague, Reasoning applied to the biological world Graunt (1620-1674) Statistics to study disease Mortality tables Set amount of people, at each age, how many died how many survived James Lind and Scurvy (1700s) Group comparison Edward Jenner and Smallpox (1700s) vaccination taking lesser disease to immunize against worse ones William Farr (1800s) statistics system, coding medical conditions, multifactorial disease John Snow (1800s) Disagreed with “bad air” (miasmata) Systematic study of the cause of cholera Door-to-door interviews Maps for death patterns and epicenter Early 1900s Etiology of infectious diseases Sanitary reforms, immunizations, antibiotics, Rise of chronic diseases Wade Frost first epidemiology professor Langmuir Epidemic Intelligence Service Framingham Study study heart disease in a large group of people with different lifestyles smoking and lung cancer Case-control study (examined exposure on controlled vs. cases) Risk is the probability, Rate is the velocity Person-time actual time at risk an individual spends during period of interest
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Exam 1 Study Guide - Epidemiology: Exam 1 Epidemiology is...

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