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Lab 5 - Lab 5 Sheep Brain The surfaces of the cerebral...

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Lab 5 Sheep Brain - The surfaces of the cerebral hemispheres are convoluted; the ridges are called gyri (singular, gyrus) and the grooves between are sulci (singular, sulcus). The surface is composed of gray matter ; the white matter lies beneath. The frontal lobe , in its more posterior part, is concerned with integration of muscular activities. The parietal cortex is involved with the reception of tactile stimuli and taste. The temporal lobe contains the auditory cortex. The visual cortex is located in the occipital lobe . This area is the rhinencephalon ; it is concerned primarily with the sense of smell. The olfactory bulb makes up the most anterior part of the rhinencephalon. The olfactory nerve enters the olfactory bulb. Superior view: A - sagittal fissure B - central sulcus C - frontal lobe D - parietal lobe E - occipital lobe F - temporal lobe G - cerebellum H - vermis I - medulla
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Lateral view: A - medulla B - cerebellum C - occipital lobe D - temporal lobe E - parietal lobe
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