Experiment #3 Intro.

Experiment #3 Intro. - David (Luke) Smith T.A. Karimi...

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David (Luke) Smith T.A. Karimi Fariba CHE 111-009 Lab 10791209 Experiment #3 Figure out the Empirical Formula of a Copper Salt Goal of Lab Learn how to do a gravity filtration o The method of choice to remove solid impurities from an organic liquid. Determine the percent composition of a compound. Correctly determine the empirical formula of a compound Learn more about hydrated compounds Waste The liquid is disposed of the in aqueous waste container Dried copper salt should be put in Copper Waster container Copper should put in the bucket marked Copper Waster Used aluminum is disposed in waste container Aluminum Waste Safety Wear safety goggles at all times Wear gloves at all times Handle solid reagents carefully to avoid harm. Use brush to remove debris from balance. Wash hands before leaving the lab With the data collected from the lab the empirical formula can be determined. The composition by mass must be determined in the laboratory.
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Experiment #3 Intro. - David (Luke) Smith T.A. Karimi...

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