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COM 315 ch. 1 and 2

COM 315 ch. 1 and 2 - David(Luke Smith Student ID 910791209...

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David (Luke) Smith Student ID # 910791209 Dr. Kevin James Real COM 315-001 Discussion Questions for Chapters 1 and 2 Chapter 1: Throughout the chapter there are a wide range problems that are discussed. All Organizations face problems and struggles in their company’s whether its communication issues or tensions. Each company has to balance what an individual wants and the needs and goals of the company. This was discussed on pages 14-15 and it stood out to me. My contention point would be: In order for a company to succeed the employees must share the same goals or dreams as the organization. In order for a company and an employee to work well with one another their goals have to be somewhat congruent. This is because if the company and the individual have different ideas in mind there can be trouble. For example if a company wants an employee to work grueling hours of with little downtime and the employee does not agree to that, then the employee could start skipping work or reduce the efficiency level that they work.
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