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Discussion for - there will always be people who find holes in the rules However that can be minimized My normative approach to this problem would

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David (Luke) Smith Dr. Real COM 315-001 1-21-12 Discu ssion for Chapter 3: Traditional Strategies of Organizing On page 88-89, in the book it discusses how employees incentives drive or motivate them. I found this very interesting. It talks about how an employee getting paid by the hour ends up selling very little. On the other hand, an employee that is paid on commission sells lots of merchandise but do not do other task like clean or restock. In addition, it said that those paid on commission participate in unethical activities. So the question is: What is the best method to pay employees for a company? As stated above, if paid strictly by the hour or by commission, employees tend to neglect certain duties. So what is the best method to keep the employees working hard, with an ethical approach? I believe there is no perfect answer. Humans are flawed and
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Unformatted text preview: there will always be people who find holes in the rules. However, that can be minimized. My normative approach to this problem would be company’s paying their employees for both. Companies could pay their employees a less per hour, and included commission benefits. But they could have hour shifts for each employee to do maintenance upkeep. That way those jobs get accomplished and each employee has to help out. It would make it so; one employee isn’t constantly doing upkeep while another sells constantly. Also, if the pay method was as I stated, those that work hard will still be rewarded for their marketing skills. There will be some that are lazy and won’t sell because they are happy with the hourly wage. That is unavoidable. But, with my proposed method of payment and benefits, it would make the jobs better rounded and fair....
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