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1 Smith David (Luke) Smith UK 101-008 21 September 2011 Choice 3: No Impact Lifestyle In my opinion there is not a lifestyle that can leave the planet with no impact or carbon emission. No matter how hard we try or what extremes we go to as the author of No Impact Man , Colin Beavan, and his family did, there will still be some lasting impact on the world. It seems that instead of striving to leave no impact one should merely strive to minimize their impact. In addition, one could do many things in order to create a better world for others. It seems pessimistic to say that it is impossible to live a lifestyle that leaves no impact. However, realistically speaking, it is physically impossible. In today’s society, it is impossible for a Human to not create waste. Everything we acquire comes in containers, boxes and more containers for those boxes. It is a never-ending cycle of containers to protect other containers. One is never good enough for the job. Having said that, one cannot be a normal member of society without making waste. Albeit, Colin Beavan and his family made an admirable attempt to do so. The Beavan family had to change many routines in their lifestyle in order to achieve the goal. Everything in their day to day lives changed when they started the project. Simple things became great time consuming ordeals.
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2 For example, almost every human being goes to the grocery store for some items or food in order to have a food supply at their house. As a general rule, most people shop where they can get their food the cheapest. Conversely,
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No Impact-UK101 - 1 Smith David (Luke) Smith Sarah...

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