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BUREAUCRACY April 19, 2007 Problem of an 1) aging bureaucracy (variable, but a tendency to occur) New excitement of a new organization is absent Creation of a new bureaucracy is a response to a need to deal with a new problem; however, those originally exciting things become routine o Stay in relationship for safety/stability/routine even though they are stale. Develop a shared expertise/knowledge of rules, etc At the extreme, the bureaucracy protects its clients (though its supposed to protect the company) Problem of 2) socialization (related to problem of aging) When new, nothing to rock. When old, well-established behaviors that get
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Unformatted text preview: positively enforce/punished. • Success of bureaucracy measured by many things; innovation is very difficult Problem of 3) keeping the best personnel on staff. Wanting government agencies to hire on the basis of merit, not spoils system, and aim to protect from political firing from a new administration. • General, outside, public bureaucracies pay less than private bureaucracies. What incentives can you provide to keep them from being hired away? • Duplication/overlap competing over democracy (sometimes good to keep them innovative, energy, etc)....
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