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NA1 NA2 ECO 210 discusion Aplia

NA1 NA2 ECO 210 discusion Aplia - David L Smith Ann Eike...

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David L. Smith Ann Eike ECO 201-003 1-22-12 NA1 Habit or Prices: Discussion Questions 1. The key differences between these two types of families are probably the income they have and the amount of laundry they need done. The household that uses the high-quality laundry service probably makes more money so they can afford the laundry service and save their time. The family that doesn’t use the laundry service probably either doesn’t have as much laundry or they do not have the money at their disposal so they do their own laundry. 2. The factors that might influence whether or not you send a particular item of clothing out to the service or wash it would be what the item is. Maybe you have a suit and you need it washed. Usually most households do not have dry-cleaners at their house. Or if there are certain articles of clothing that you do not know how to deal with or it is so dirty that you send it in to the laundry service and do the rest.
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