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Class Etiquette 2012 - everyone is aware when you whisper...

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Class Etiquette “It takes just one trouble-maker to spoil the concentration.” Master Class , Terrence McNally Class time is always more constructive if everyone 'plays nice' Your behavior in class can have a positive or negative impact on the entire class (as well as your grade). Common sense and common courtesy will enable you to participate fully in this class. Choose a seat at the beginning of the semester. Stay in this seat, it will be yours for the duration. Laptop computers and iPods are not allowed. Cell phones should be turned off and put away. NO TEXTING.
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Unformatted text preview: everyone is aware when you whisper, you aren't fooling anyone. • There is no eating in class. • Class time is not to be used for reading the newspaper, sleeping, or doing work for other classes. You expect me to come to class prepared and focused. I expect the exact same thing from you! • Come to class on time and stay for the entire class. If you have to leave early, please tell me before the class begins. • This is by no means an inclusive list (I could shock you with the stories. ..)...
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