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Course Materials--Book and Theatre Tickets There is one optional text You will be seeing one theatre production so take a seat and enjoy the performance! You are responsible for reading six plays this semester. They are: Oedipus the King (Oedipus Rex), by Sophocles Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller (The text is not available online. If you have Netflix, an excellent video version is available on instant view.) Hamlet , by William Shakespeare Tartuffe , by Moliere Trifles, by Susan Glaspell Fires in the Mirror, by Anna Deavere Smith (video is available online with links on Blackboard) Five of these plays are available online and links have been provided on Blackboard.
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Unformatted text preview: All the plays are available in the optional anthology, The Worthen Anthology of Drama, brief sixth edition . All the plays are also available elsewhere. There are online used-text sources if you are comfortable with that kind of purchasing. You are also required to obtain a ticket and attend one theatre production. Specific information on this required production is available in the Assignments Area. You must turn in your original ticket stub. You may submit it to me at any time up until the review outline is due. Failure to turn in your ticket stub will result in a ten point penalty on the review grade...
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