Spring 2012 Grading(1)

Spring 2012 Grading(1) - Grading There is a lot to do this...

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Grading There is a lot to do this semester! Attend class. Those who participate in class tend to get higher grades. I don’t post class Power Point slides online. Be present in class for any activities/writings. Your grade is based on the percentage of how many you complete. There are no make-up opportunities for any of these assignments. Complete a poster project and present it in class. Read six plays. There is no other required reading for the class. Reading quizzes on the required plays will be given in class. There are no make- up opportunities for these quizzes without written verification and prior notice. You will go see two theatre productions this semester and complete a 2-3 Experience Paper for one of the productions and a 4-5 page Production Review for the other one. Take three objective tests. These tests will be taken outside of your regularly scheduled class time. You will have to go to the computer testing lab. Content will be taken from class content and further consideration of the plays. There will be no deadline extensions for any assignments or tests without a written excuse, prior notification, and extenuating circumstances . Do not automatically assume that your circumstances will meet these criteria. Immediate and continuous communication with me is critical. No handwritten work is accepted. All late work receives 0 points. The semester schedule contains all the deadlines. Check website frequently for information on all class requirements.
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This note was uploaded on 01/24/2012 for the course THEATRE 101 taught by Professor Annprice during the Spring '11 term at Boise State.

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Spring 2012 Grading(1) - Grading There is a lot to do this...

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