Lab log and conversation lab report

Lab log and conversation lab report - SPANISH 101-102 LAB...

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Unformatted text preview: SPANISH 101-102 LAB LOG for Spring 2012 Lab activities are an essential component of the language acquisition process. Regular participation will strengthen your language skills. A total of 15 activities are required during the 15-week semester. There must be at least 7 Conversation Labs, 5 computer activities and 3 additional labs of your choice. (Choose from conversation labs, computer activity or Study Group.) You may do as many activities as you wish. However, only one activity per week may be recorded for credit. Put a check ( ) in the corresponding column and attach a report of the lab activity to this log. Week Activity Date Month & day Conversation Lab [Attach lab report] Computer Activity [Attach printout] Study Group with Lab Assistant Signature Week #1 Jan. 17-22 Week #2 Jan. 23-29 Week #3 Jan 30-Feb 5 Week #4 Feb. 6 - 12 Week #5 Feb. 13-19 Week #6 Feb. 20-26 Week #7 Feb 27-Mar4 Week #8 March 5-11 Week #9 March 12-18 Week #10 March 19-25 Week #11 Mar 26-Apr1 NO LAB AVAILABLE DURING SPRING BREAK Week #12 April 2-8 Week #13 April 9-15 Week #14 April 16-22 Week #14 April 23-29 Week #15 April30-May 4 May 5-10 No Conversation Lab or Study Groups during Final Exam Week. The completed record of 15 Lab assignments must be turned in to the instructor by the last day of classes, Friday, May 4, 2012. Modern Languages Resource Center (L144) Spanish 101 -102 - 202 Lab Activity Log Name _______________________________Course & section _____________________ Semester _____________________________Instructor___________________________ Please choose from among the following activities in order to complete the laboratory...
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This note was uploaded on 01/24/2012 for the course SPANISH 102 taught by Professor Lettyfenner during the Spring '12 term at Boise State.

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Lab log and conversation lab report - SPANISH 101-102 LAB...

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