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1/23/2012 1 Boise State University upholds the following values as the foundation for a civil and nurturing environment. Campus community members are expected to adhere to these common values: ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE : engage in our own learning and participate fully in the academic community’s pursuit of knowledge. CARING : show concern for the welfare of others. CITIZENSHIP : uphold civic virtues and duties that prescribe how we ought to behave in a self-governing community by obeying laws and policies, volunteering in the community, and staying informed on issues. FAIRNESS : expect equality, impartiality, openness and due process by demonstrating a balanced standard of justice without reference to individual bias. RESPECT : treat people with dignity regardless of who they are and what they believe. A respectful person is attentive, listens well, treats others with consideration and doesn’t resort to intimidation, coercion or violence to persuade.
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