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media and violence control

media and violence control - Media Violence Control...

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Media & Violence Control – Communication in School Shootings Professor Glenn Muschert I really enjoyed Professor Glenn Muschert’s lecture about media and violence control as it pertains to school shootings. I’ve never considered this topic to have much research done about it, and was surprised to find out how much attention this communicative event has invited. Obviously, this is a large issue that questions the safety and security of our school systems and I think its great that questions are being asked to find solutions to this problem. As Professor Muschert discussed, the media is our only way of experiencing a school shooting. The media decides how to portray the story, the victims, and the shooter(s) for the audience to experience. While most of the shooters are distressed and troubled, they are made out to be monster and villains. Of course many, or most, teenages are unstable during high school, but it is the rare few that act out in such violent ways such as school shootings.
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