ANTH 470 Syllabus 2009 (1)

ANTH 470 Syllabus 2009 (1) - ANTH 470: Medicine and...

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ANTH 470: Medicine and Anthropology Fall 2009 Professor M. Rivkin-Fish T TH 9:30- 10:45 Peabody 217 Office hours : Wed. 1-3 and by appt. Phone : 962-3353 Course Description: This course investigates the ways anthropological analysis may illuminate the socio-cultural and political-economic aspects of medical practices. We begin by acquainting ourselves with some classic statements on how to study ‘medicine’ as a social phenomenon in both non-Western and Western societies. We then examine 3 sets of issues through extended ethnographic analysis: 1) Language, Narrative, and Healing; 2) Rationality and Cultural Logics of Practice; and 3) Health Promotion and the Creation of Social Difference. Attention will be placed throughout the course on the question of how institutional contexts (e.g., health care systems, state and international organizations’ policies, etc.), shape ideologies and social action. We examine these processes from multiple perspectives, including those of laypersons/ users of health care services, experts, and social movements. Finally, we will consider ways of translating anthropological insights about medicine into commentaries for public debate. Required Books : (We will be reading 3 texts in their entirety this semester): Harrington, Ann 2008. The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Healing Martin, Emily 2007. Bipolar Expeditions: Mania and Depression in American Culture Rivkin-Fish, Michele 2005. Women’s Health in Post-Soviet Russia: The Politics of Intervention Course Requirements : 1) Consistent attendance and active participation are required. Thoughtful oral participation based on the course readings counts for 15% of your grade . Three (3) unexcused absences will result in the loss of 10% of your final grade. The following are acceptable reasons for excused absences: 1) serious illness; 2) illness or death of a family member; 3) University related trips. For any of these absences you need to provide me with written document stating the date of and reason for the absence, signed by a doctor or other official, with a contact phone number where I can reach them. Additionally, you may be excused for major religious holidays that the University has not officially recognized if you provide me with an explanation at least 2 weeks in advance. 1
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Each week, you will receive discussion questions on the week’s readings to prepare in advance of Thursday’s class. These will be posted on Blackboard, usually the week before we discuss them. These questions are only intended to provoke thoughtful responses, they do not address all issues of importance in the text. 2) An introductory exercise (3-4 pages, typed double-spaced) examining the introductory readings, due in Friday, Sept. 11 . You will receive the assignment on Tues. Sept 1. This exercise counts for 15% of grade. 3)
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ANTH 470 Syllabus 2009 (1) - ANTH 470: Medicine and...

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