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Unformatted text preview: Carolina Population Center 2012-13 New Predoctoral Traineeship Application Page 1 of 2 Please follow the application instructions carefully. CPC will request information from the department in which you are (or will be) enrolled in a program leading to a doctoral degree at UNC-CH. New applicants to UNC-CH doctoral programs are encouraged to apply. Applicants for CPC traineeships not yet admitted before the selection committee meets in February 2012, however, will not be considered. • • • Complete the 2012-13 New Predoctoral Traineeship Application. Save (and rename) the file as: newpredoc_yourlastname_1213.doc (i.e., newpredoc_smith_1213.doc) Email the completed application by January 26, 2012 to: Jan Hendrickson-Smith, Training Program Coordinator [email protected] • • • Applications for CPC traineeships must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. (EST) on Thursday, January 26, 2012. Funding decisions for applicants new to both UNC-CH and CPC will be made in early March 2012. Funding decisions for applicants currently enrolled at UNC-CH will be made after April 15, 2012. Name (First MI. Last) UNC-CH Department             Anticipated UNC Entry Date Race (optional) Hispanic (optional)       (mm-yyyy)       Yes No       Do you have any special needs or disabilities that we should be aware of? (optional) CPC Preceptor(s) (REQUIRED) UNC Departmental Advisor (if currently enrolled) Country of Citizenship Contact Information Admission status             Currently Enrolled Accepted Applying for Admission             Non-Citizen with Permanent Resident Status       Home Street       Home City, State and Zip       Telephone (###) ###-####       Email EARNED DEGREES Institution       Dates Attended       -       (mm-yyyy) Degree(s)/ Major(s)       /       Date Degree Awarded       (mm-yyyy)             -       (mm-yyyy)       -       (mm-yyyy)       /             /             (mm-yyyy)       (mm-yyyy)             -       (mm-yyyy)       -       (mm-yyyy)       /             /             (mm-yyyy)       (mm-yyyy)       -       (mm-yyyy)       /             (mm-yyyy) Title of Thesis written for previous graduate degree:       Next expected degree      , major     , and date       (mm-yyyy). Carolina Population Center 2012-13 New Predoctoral Traineeship Application Page 2 of 2 Are you requesting direct financial support (stipend and tuition support) from CPC? Note that CPC policy limits direct financial support to the first four graduate years at UNC-CH. Yes No Describe your research practicum plans.       Indicate the population relevance of your proposed research practicum.       Describe how the proposed research practicum fits into current CPC projects.       INDICATE YOUR PREVIOUS POPULATION-RELEVANT ACTIVITIES Population relevant courses completed:       Semester completed:      (example: FA09)             Semester completed:            Semester completed:            Participation in population relevant research: Population relevant papers you have written: Semester completed:      Semester completed:                  Semester completed:                        Other evidence of your population interests:       Indicate your planned program for next year, including all courses you plan to take, and planned work involving a significant time commitment. Indicate your present plans for a master's thesis and/or dissertation work. Provide the title of the completed or planned thesis. If applicable, provide a brief description of a planned thesis or dissertation. Please indicate if the proposal has been approved by your department. Indicate your career plans following your graduate studies.                   I have read the requirements for CPC predoctoral trainees and agree to comply with them if appointed to a CPC traineeship.       Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Questions concerning the application process may be directed to: Jan Hendrickson-Smith, Training Program Coordinator Carolina Population Center, UNC-CH Phone: (919) 966-2160Email: [email protected] ...
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