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BIOL202_2012_Policies (1)

BIOL202_2012_Policies (1) - Biology 202 Molecular Biology...

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Biology 202 Molecular Biology and Genetics Spring 2012 - Section 6 - MWF 9 am 201 Coker Hall All tenets of the Honor Code will be in effect in this class. Please take this very seriously. Text: Introduction to Genetic Analysis (9th or 10th Edition) by Griffiths et al . Either edition will suffice and corresponding reading assignments are listed on the course syllabus Manual: The Solutions Megamanual contains answers to problems at the end of each chapter; many of these problems will be included in your homework sets. The Solutions Megamanual is not required for the course. If you are interested in obtaining this manual it can be purchased online: Solutions Megamanual for Introduction to Genetic Analysis by Fixsen, Lavett & Young. CD-ROM: The Manual comes with a CD that contains animations, review materials, practice text questions and other information relevant to this course. Although use of the CD will not be required, we believe it will be helpful and will provide you with a useful study tool. Web site: The publisher of this text maintains a web site at http://bcs.whfreeman.com/iga9e/ , http://bcs.whfreeman.com/iga10e/ . This site has interactive and review exercises, tutorials, and links to related sites you might find interesting. Other Required Materials: You will need to bring a SIMPLE calculator WITHOUT memory capability and a non-erasable pen to each exam. Banned Materials: turn your cell phones off during lecture you may not bring a cell phone to exams you may not bring a PDA to exams you may not bring calculators with text capabilities to exams Grades: Final grades are based on total cumulative points earned during the semester: Midterm Exam I 100 points Midterm Exam 100
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II points Midterm Exam III 100 points Final Exam 200 points Recitation 55 points TOTAL 555 points We give scores for each exam, but not letters grades. We will make the distribution of scores available, so that those students that are interested in their standing during the semester can get a general idea. We do not have a formula for determining the final distribution of grades. We usually begin with a cutoff of about 40% of the students getting an A or B (including +/-). We then discuss with the TAs every student that is near a borderline. Students are often
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BIOL202_2012_Policies (1) - Biology 202 Molecular Biology...

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