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ANTH 147 Reading Responses Week #2 Chapters from Brown, Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology, chapters 15 (Hahn), 27 (Harwood), 22 (Rubel) Due at the beginning of Recitation Section. Please include full bibliographic references at the end of your essay (citing the article, book it is in, and page numbers.) Example: Foster, George M. “Disease Etiologies in Non-Western Medical Systems” in Brown, Peter J., ed. Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology , New York: Mayfield Publishing Company, pp. 110-117. Choose one of the following questions . Your essay response should be 250 words, typed, double-spaced. Spell-check and proof-read before handing it in to your TA. Be sure to include your full name and section number. Questions: 1. What are the rights and responsibilities of the sick role? Why might this be a good thing? How might the sick role be abused, and what happens to a person who is suspected of not really being sick? (consider examples from the texts and from your own experience).
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