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Chinese 252 Names, Titles, Terms Aug. 29, 2011 Chronological Divisions: 1. the Neolithic period: c. 6000 – c. 2000 BCE. 2. the sān dài 三三 (three dynasties) period: c. 2000 – 771 BCE. Xià 三 c. 2000 BCE to c. 1600 BCE. Shāng 三 c. 1600 BCE to 1045 BCE. Zhōu 三 1045 to 771 BCE. 3. the Classical Period Chūnqiū 三三 (Spring and Autumn) 771 to 481 BCE. interregnum: 481 to 403 BCE. Zhànguó 三三 (Warring States): 403 to 221 BCE. Texts: 4. oracle bones 5. bronze inscriptions 6. wŭ jīng 三三 (the Five Classics): 7. Yì jīng 三三 ( Book of Changes ) Fú Xī 三三 Zhōu Wénwáng 三三三 (King Wén of Zhōu) Zhōugōng 三三 (Duke of Zhōu) Kŏngzĭ 三三 (Confucius) 8. Shū jīng 三 ( Book of Documents
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