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Possible short essays - Possible short essays 1 1 sages...

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Possible short essays 1. 1. sages: they wait for the ruler to find them, they serve only for those who are virtuous. Does not try to make ruler accept their advises, they speak their advise once and it is up to the ruler to decide whether to listen or not Yang: actually went to the king 4 times to advise the king, pulling favors 2. sages: they are virtuous, they practice laws based on virtue and Yang: imposed rules that are harsh and created consentment among ppl 3. sages: are not drawn by money power, they just wanted to advise the king to make him better at governing china. Mulilated qian and tricked prince ang of wey Yang: judging by his lavish live and his fief, he like money and 4. yang: refused to listen to the advice of zhao liang, who was a greater sage than him, yang was not humble. 4. yang: introduced by a eunuch, jing 5. body guard, he drives out with lancers and stuff: those who rely on virtue prosper; those who rely on force perish 6. his falseness was shown by the way in which he tried to impress the ruler of qin with the sage king’s way, which was just high sounding talk in which he had no real interest. 7. tricked prince ang, and amushed him 2. ? - to knowing Knowing people, to listen, like the sage seeking stories, the king must have the skill to know how to use people in their talents. The king also have to know who he should trust
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Possible short essays - Possible short essays 1 1 sages...

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