Sept.2 - Chinese 252 Names Terms Fri Sept 2 2011 1 Gn 2 Y 3...

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Fri., Sept. 2, 2011 1. G ǔ n 2. Y ǔ 3. Q ǐ 4. Tài Kāng 鯀鯀 5. Hòu Yì 鯀鯀 6. Cháng É 鯀鯀 7. Hán Zhuó 鯀鯀 8. Zhōng Kāng 鯀鯀 9. Xiāng 10. Shào-kāng 鯀鯀 11. Jié - last king of xia -extraordinary physical strength, twist bars like rope -incessant military expeditions -waged war against You Shi (有有) -lost his kingly way after he got Mei Xi -built a tower and threw Cheng Tang in there, but released him shortly after -then all the lords left the king and followed Cheng Tang -defeated by Cheng Tang’s army 12. Mèi X ǐ 桀桀 -daughter of You Shi chief -given by the You Shi clan because they were afraid of Kind Jie -very beautiful, king Jie was playing with her all day and lost his kingly way 13. Guān Lóngféng 桀桀桀 -upright officer of king Jie -tried to reprove King Jie of his extensive partying -the king won’t listen to his lecture and killed him 14. Ji n Dí ǎ 桀桀
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- the mother of Xie(有) of Yin (有). The daughter of You Song (有有). Consort of 有有. - saw a dark bird drop an egg, ate it, and got prego with Xie. 15. Xié (pre-shang chieftains, 1st) - gained merit by helping Yu In flood control. -thus lord Shun give him the title of director of multitude and made him spread the Five Teachings. -enfieffed in Shang -prominent in the time of yao shun and yu. 16. Wáng Hái 桀桀 (pre-shang chieftains,7th) -invented the ox-drawn carts and used silk and oxen as currency, and traded among tribes. -settled at the bank of yellow river and was robbed by the You yiu clan. -his bro recovered It for him
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Sept.2 - Chinese 252 Names Terms Fri Sept 2 2011 1 Gn 2 Y 3...

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