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song xiang gong

song xiang gong - Julia(Xuezhou Nan Chinese 252 Dr Henry...

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Julia (Xuezhou) Nan Chinese 252 Dr. Henry Song Xiang Gong and Ren Yi The five hegemons of the Spring and Autumn period are considered as the most powerful rulers of the time period. Among the others, one stands out as the. He was Song Xiang Gong of the state of Song. Through history, the story of the stupidity of a person trying to exemplify a virtue in order to look good to others. Song Xiang Gong became a counterexample of what not to do in a situation. Song xiang gon doesn’t understand what Ren Yi ( ? ? ) means righteousness and loyalty. Where it is perfectly right to access Ren Yi to your own people, Song Xiang Gong made the mistake to be loyal to the Chu, who were known to be crafty. Song Xiang Gong’s first act of Ren Yi was portrayed when he gave the ruling house, which was rightfully his by the previous lord’s appointment, to his brother Mu Yu. Xiang Gong believe that his brother is more capable of being a ruler than he would, and he was probably right. However, because the controversiality of the situation, Mu Yi
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