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50 mots-1 - 28 éviter—to avoid v 29 draguer—to flirt...

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50 mots (pour semaine 1) 1. carré—square, adj. 2. épais/touffus—thick, adj. 3. raides—straight, adj. 4. chauve—bald, adj. 5. fuyant—receding, adj. 6. dégagé—bare, adj. 7. les sourcils (m)—eyebrows, n. 8. saillants—bulging, prominent, adj. 9. enfoncés—sunken, adj. 10. cerne (m)—ring, shadow under the eye, n. 11. creuses—sunken, adj. 12. menton (m)—chin, n. 13. épiler—to pluck, v. 14. poignet (m)—wrist, n. 15. de grande/petite taille, taille moyenne—tall, short, average height, adj. 16. tonnante—thunderous, adj. 17. rauque—hoarse, adj. 18. aiguë—high-pitched, adj. 19. corpulence (f)—weight, physical build, n. 20. démarche (f)—gait, walk, n. 21. guindée—stiff, adj. 22. raffinement (m)—sophistication, n. 23. écraser—to crush, squash, overwhelm, v. 24. cinglant—biting, stinging, scathing, adj. 25. vedette (f)—star, n. 26. éloigner—to move away, v. 27. entretenir—to keep up, maintain, look after, v.
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Unformatted text preview: 28. éviter—to avoid, v. 29. draguer—to flirt, drag/catch (a fish), v. 30. ramener—to restore (order, peace), to bring back/up (de from), v. 31. deviner—to be aware of (que that), v. 32. blesser, offenser—to offend, v. 33. se vexer—to be offended, vi. 34. bousillé—bungled, wrecked, adj. 35. hausser—to raise, shrug (shoulders), v. 36. hautain—haughty, adj. 37. semelle (f)—sole (shoe), n. 38. fugace—fleeting, short, brief, adj. 39. prêter—to lend, v. 40. bien que—in spite of, although, even though, prep. 41. laine (f)—wool, n. 42. lâcher—to release, let go, drop, v. 43. trou (m)—hole, gap, deficit, n. 44. suer—to exude, labor, sweat, v. 45. chuchoter—to whisper, murmur, v. 46. soupirer—to sigh, v. 47. sébile (f)—begging bowl, n. 48. tendre la sébile—to beg, v. 49. crevant—exhausting, killing, ger. 50. gaspiller—to waste, squander, dissipate, v....
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