E-Mail is forever

E-Mail is forever - E-Mail is forever...

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Unformatted text preview: E-Mail is forever--- 美美美美美美美美美美美美美美 18 美美美 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当 当当当“当当当当当当”当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当 当当当当当当当当当当当 1. E-mail is forever. Once you send it off, you can't get it back. Once your professor has it, he or she owns it and can save it or, in the worst case, forward it onto colleagues for a good laugh—at your expense. 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当——当当当当当当 2. E-mail goes where it's told. Check—and double check—to see that the right address appears in the "To" line. Just because your mom and your professor are both named "Lynn" is no reason to send all your love to Professor Lynn. 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当“当当当”当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当 "Lynn" 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当 Lynn 当当当当当当 3. Professors might not be using the cruddy university e-mail system. So send it to the address they actually use, not the one on the university directory. (Check the syllabus or assignment sheet for clues.) 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当...
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  • Spring '11
  • Vernon
  • yor profeSR lIk, Check—and double check—to, cruddy university e­mail, urgent request—immediate response, ur txtN. uz

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E-Mail is forever - E-Mail is forever...

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