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Reader Response to Chapters 1 and 2: Public Speaking and Democratic Citizenship and The Ethical Public Speaker Type a personal response to each of the questions. Use full sentences and good paragraph structure. 1. On the Southeast campus, what activities, clubs or other special opportunities invite students to participate in civic affairs? Offer at least two examples. (10 points) Donating blood to Red Cross, volunteering and public speeches invite students to participate in civic affairs. 2. Do you agree that Americans are less politically involved and community spirited than a few decades ago? Why or Why not? (10 points) No, I do not agree with it. Although voter turnout in presidential elections has declined steadily over the last half century, Americans actually donate more money to political and civic causes today than ever before. They just change their ways to involve in political affairs. 3. How would you define the term plagiarism, and what are the differences between
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Unformatted text preview: deliberate and accidental plagiarism? (10 points) Plagiarism can be defined as submitting material that in part or whole is not entirely one’s own work without attributing those same portions to their correct source. For instance, once you accidentally forget to cite your sources in the text, it can be treated as an accidental plagiarism. Deliberate plagiarism can be defined as you use others’ opinion or composition consciously instead of copying by mistakes. 4. Define demagoguery and give an example of someone you consider to be a demagogue of today. (5 points) Demagoguery is a strategy for gaining political power by typically appealing to the dare emotions, such as fear, anger, or hatred. As the leader of Nazi party in Germany, Adolf Hitler used his charisma and great oratorical skills and gave his inciting speech appealing to ethnic pride and conspiracy theories that blamed Jews for the nationwide economic troubles....
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