Chapters 10, 14 Response

Chapters 10, 14 Response - is worthy of our consideration C...

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Zheng Wu Dr. Clubbs SC 105-19 February 20, 2010 Response to Reading Guide Chapters 10 and 14 Fill in the blank (5 points) 1. A working outline is a diagnostic tool that helps you see where you have been and where you are going as you brainstorm, reflect and research. 2. A formal outline is the blueprint of the speech you will give. 3. A keyword outline is the one you use when you deliver your speech. 4. You should address the matter of relevance in the introduction of your speech. 5. It is unethical to camouflage a persuasive purpose by portraying it as informative . Essay and short answer 1. List and describe three functions of an informative speech. (10 points) A. Sharing ideas and information The most common function of an informative speech is to provide information or to share ideas. B. Raising awareness Sometimes a public speaker will call on our attention to something that, in the speaker’s view,
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Unformatted text preview: is worthy of our consideration. C. Articulating alternatives The speaker leaves the audience to weigh the options and make a decision, or keep seeking new alternatives. 2. List and describe four types of informative speeches. (10 points) A. The speech of description The speakers want to describe a place, an event, or a person. They hope to help the audience get a clear picture of their subject. B. The speech of demonstration The speakers aim to teach the audience how something works or how to do something. C. The speech of explanation The speakers want to help the audience understand concepts that are complicated, abstract, or unfamiliar. D. The informative oral report These reports are given informally and may be quite brief in professional and community settings....
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Chapters 10, 14 Response - is worthy of our consideration C...

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