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Zheng Wu Dr. Clubbs SC105-19 April 7 2010 Reader Response for Chapter 13: Supporting Your Ideas Visually 1. Make a list as you brainstorm idea for visual aids to use in your speeches, considering all the options discussed in Chapter 13. (10 points) The opinion I hold is that the government's "visible hand" for market intervention is better than the market itself entirely regulates under the help of invisible hand. I have found a graph to support that government still has power to fix the economy. 2. Describe which option(s) you have chosen and why. (10 points) I have chosen the slides and slide projectors as presentational aids because it is more
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Unformatted text preview: attractive and colorful. 3. Make a specific list of the slides or graphs you will need to make and/or specifically cite the sources for any pictures, graphs, videos, etc. you plan to use. Use MLA format for your citations. Remember, saying video from YouTube is like saying look from the library. You need to be specific! (15 points) The most pictures I use are about economy and money to let the audience know what I am talking about is about economy. And the only graph I will use is to support my opinion that government has power to regulate market and save economy during economic crisis....
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