PoliSci - Civil Rights Movement

PoliSci - Civil Rights Movement - Mid-term is Monday the...

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Mid-term is Monday the 12 th Specific essay (list on three reasons to a specific subject) One part on reading One part on lecture General essay (50%) Friday – Review session (bring questions) Civil Rights Movement Feb 2 nd Efforts to integrate American society were not with education, were not originally geared at overturning Plessy v. Ferguson, and not with the idea to integrate elementary and secondary schools. First efforts were taken in transportation. 1941-1955 court decisions concerning integration through transportation. Desegregate interstate transportation (goal supported by the NAACP) o 1941 – not letting negroes use things available for others violated the interstate commerce act o 1946 – racial segregation on buses doctrined by Virginia law was regulated by the courts allowing transportation between public Virginia buses and DC o 1950 – no curtained off sections on railroad cars for racial setting o 1955 – racial segregation on trains/buses was prohibited o Way to avoid broad court decisions, didn’t target desegregation in intrastate transportation & education yet (much more controversial/difficult) Sweat v. Painter o Involved the law school at UT 9austin) after a black man was refused
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PoliSci - Civil Rights Movement - Mid-term is Monday the...

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