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Economic Globalization I. Third Industrial Revolution a. Global Assembly Line – the production process, the factory is being spread out and integrated a.i. products are made in Portland, China, India b. one world markets c. transnational corporations – felt little allegiance to their nations and uses WTO d. deregulated international stock markers, the world bank and the IMF, easier with technology d.i. deregulation of the financial markets II. 7 core features of economic revolution a. free trade a.i. attempt to create new global markets b. capital mobility b.i. open borders for money, money instruments, financial instruments are invented, created c. transnational corporations d. increase debt financing d.i. for participation in the global markets d.ii. creation of debt comes back to haunt everybody e. higher reates of return e.i. increased expectation of higher rates of return f. global wage f.i. making good money meant different things f.ii. using the cheapest labor markets in the world, making the cost of the worker less experience – global wage. g. privatization, marketization, asset stripping g.i. privatization of public land, public services, charging of market prices III. World Trade Organization a. increase international trade b. deregulate trade, removing protections, c. mission: liberalized trade, d. promise: if the restrictions on trade is removed, everyone would be a winner. once deregulated, jobs will be crated, economy will go up, economic globalization! IV. WTO Seattle 1999 a. saw incredible wealth created but not sharing it in benefits. activists, indigenous people, and many people became poor b. this movement made THIS more visible. globalization had succeeded in unifying people from around the world, mostly against it c. two faces of globalization c.i. emergence of rich class, increase of earnings of people and creation of new luxury supermarkets
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c.ii. factory workers saw their jobs threatened by cheaper workers in Asia, Latin America V. This is What democracy looks like a. We are everywhere. Movement of Movements: a.i. since Seattle, we have witnessed movement of movement of people across the world trying to fight against global inequality for sustainable world b. Before Seattle b.i. Water Protests Bolivia 2000 b.ii. General Strike France 1995 VI. New Connection s and New Separation a. wanted “alternative globalization” b. democracy means: b.i. wealth and poverty: greater wealth and greater poverty b.ii. movement and restrictions b.iii. social cohesion and exclusion b.iii.1. (transition from human development to prisons) b.iv.
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globalinequalitylect - Economic Globalization I. Third...

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