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Imprisonment Statistics - 1 in 100 American adults in prison - approximately 7.3 million people are under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system – in prison, jail, on probation or on parole - The US Has the highest incarceration rate in the world. it has 5%o f the world’s population and 25% of its prisoner population - there are over 5000 jails add prisons in the US, not including military prisons - 1/3 blacks 1/6 latinos will be imprisoned in their lifetime - BIA = beureau of Indian affairs Global Trend - increase use of imprisonment, and increased level of punishment - US and Russia have the highest rate of imprisonment The questions - why are we so many people imprisoned? - What and who is prison for? - how much imprisonment can a society tolerate? - how should we calculate or measure this level? no natural relationship between crime and punishment and crime and imprisonment crimes of any other names go not only unpunished, what is and what is not a punishable crime is not a clear thing. I feel bad enough, I don’t deserve a punishment! – punishment is something that we think is usually the best for other people. we don’t want it to happen to us or people we care about. who is in prison? who s our typical prisoner? - he/she is poor: without money, property, bank accounts, jobs, stable housing, access to medical care - 40% of women prisoners earned less than $600 in the month before their arrest - S/he lacks formal education and is disproportionately illiterate - prisoners are the poorest people in our society - 60% of all Us prisoners are people of color or racial minorities - black men are 6% of the propulation and 41% of all prisoners, another 20$ of all prisoners are latino - black men are imprisoned 9 – 15 times the rate of white men - 1 in 36 latinos and 1 in 15 black men are in prison 1 in 9 black men between the age of 20 – 34 are in prison - 75% of imprisoned California youth are black and lations latinos now have a slightly higher (35%) imprisonment rate than African American (30%)
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- the vast majority of prisoners 93% are men, but women’s growth rates are double that of men. - these women, like men, are disproportionaly black (30%) and Latina (16%) in the US - mostly people are convincted of nonviolent crimes- drug use, drug sales, property offenses, petty theft, credit card fraud, gang affiliation, gang vandalism, gang trespass - 70% of women and half of all federal prisoners were convicted of drug and or drug related property crimes. - violent crime rates have been steadily declining: o the imprisonment rate per 100,000 population is 751. o
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Imprisonmentlect - Imprisonment Statistics - 1 in 100...

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