Natureandecologicalcommonlect - Sociology Lecture 11/22/11...

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Sociology Lecture 11/22/11 Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, South Africa Land available for cultivation, the demand for raw materials, natural resources is decreasing. 3 Environmental Threats - pollution o kind of waste – atmosphere Carbon Dioxide, other kinds of gas that are released into th air due to air conditioning…etc. United States is the biggest carbon producer in the world o Deforestation – trees produce shading, fruits, oxygenating, and PREVENT desertification, or the drying of the earth. - waste o Just amount of domestic waste is staggering o - depletion of resources The Demographic Problem - the world’s supply of energy sources and raw materials is limited but demand for them continues to grow. Climate of War - US spent more on war in Iraq in 2006 than whole world spent on investment in renewable energy - Projected US spending on Iraq War could pay for all the global investments in renewable power generation needed between now and 2030 to stop current warming trends. - $600billion on war could have build 9000wind farms with capacity to provide 25% of nation’s electricity Ecology or ecological questions concern not only how best to technically interfere with the natural environment and contain the already existing damage to it but also concern our basic ways of life. - is it going to cover the entire globe. - also a social problem, profit driven economy Inequalities in Consumption - The richest 20% of the world’s population accounts for 81.5% of private consumption expenditures while the poorest 20% accounts for only 3.5% - The richest fifth consume o 45% of all meat and fish and the poorest fifth 5% o 58% of total energy and the poorest less than 4%
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Disproportionality - Each American consumes as much as 32 Kenyans. The US has 10 times the
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Natureandecologicalcommonlect - Sociology Lecture 11/22/11...

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