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The City - Sociology 11/15 City I Rural society modern...

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Sociology 11/15 City I. Rural society modern capitalist industrial society = consequences for society and people a. Charles Booth’s Poverty Map: b. city was a giant factory where people worked long hours with little pay II. Angels, III. Charles Dickens – strong critique of exploitation, and injustice, worked in factory as a child, hundreds of poor people digging into garbage while wealthy living in mansions IV. Anomie: cause of suicide, indicative of modern city life, a new form of individualism that the society created. there is no city with no money and no stranger. - city and sociology was forched in the united states V. Going and Coming: 1860 – 1910 brought large scale migration from within United States and from Europe VI. Chicago early 20 th century a. mostly men used local environment (U Chicago) – began to treat the cities as laboratories. b. concerned with social disorganization that modern life seemed to bring and studied immigration, factory, etc. VII. Migration Series by Jacob Lawrence a. Panel 1 : During the World war, there was a great migration North of southern Negroes b. Jacob Lawrence – greatest African American painter : shows series of the great African American migration
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The City - Sociology 11/15 City I Rural society modern...

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