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Alexa Papaila 1 Fast Food Nation Lens paper Tichi 118w February 14, 2007 The Restoration of the Fast Food Industry, Compliments of Anderson Reminiscent of Sinclair’s popular expose of unsanitary food processing, Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation calls upon the American people, indirectly demanding improvements in the fast-food industry. Schlosser attacks the limitations the industry imposes on both individuals’ opportunities and workplace safety, while attempting to discredit the restaurant business’s economic merit. Using the insight and defenses found in Steven Anderson’s article entitled “The best defense against propaganda is good information,” Schlosser’s onslaughts are severely undermined through Anderson’s restoration of the benefits found in the fast-food industry. Schlosser sprinkles short stories of fast-food laborers dangerous accidents and misfortunes throughout Fast Food Nation . Kenny’s series of Monfort misfortunes, Elisa’s struggles, and Hank’s suicide were all blamed on the “consolidating and homogenizing influence of the fast food chains” (Fast Food Nation 146). These short stories stand out in the reader’s mind among the logical facts and numbers against
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Alexa Papaila 2 the fast-food industry, evoking emotion from the heart. By coupling specific struggles of laborers with a single name and face, individualizing the painful effects of fast-food labor, Schlosser successfully creates an easier method of empathizing with his opinions. However, many articles and facts have been released (partially in response to Schlosser’s book) in the past few years that provide many alternative views of the fast-food industry. Anderson attacks Schlosser’s claim that “almost the same numbers of fast-food workers were murdered on the job as police officers” by revealing that
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Fast Food Nation Paper - Alexa Papaila Fast Food Nation...

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