Registration concerns meeting Sept 24

Registration concerns meeting Sept 24 - Registration...

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Registration concerns : Meeting Sept 24, 2003 Present: Judy Buck, Pam Wassell Michael Kulp (left after being called to office) , Ray Boyd, Dory Rogers, Sandra Dennis, Ed Shaddix, Judy McGee, Stephen Dartt, Kris Fitzgerald, Kristen Bator, Marsha Oxford, Patrick Norton, Murla Crawford, Vicki Gladden, Carl Rieke, (3:30) Clare Burks-Jones, (3:40) Mahlon Bryon Patrick Norton began meeting at 2:35 – Philosophical concerns 1. Students re-taking classes too many times- Jamie Basso says Salem High School (the school that we patterned much of our block scheduling after) does not allow students to make up classes during the normal school day. They allow classes to be made up by having the students attend after school classes or by going to summer school. How does this reflect on closing achievement gaps (a la NCLB)? Will we have to make other plans to address student failures? (This item was cited 7 times in faculty responses) Much discussion (Dory, Murla) stated desire to set limit on students re-taking classes. If a student fails a class a 2 nd time (or a first time), he should take the class at night school, Buchannan, summer school, or on-line. Marsha Oxford mentioned that the ‘state’ may not allow SHS to refuse a student the right to register for any class as many times as needed. Eddie Shaddox mentioned that the ‘county’ is also looking at this issue and trying to devise a policy. Patrick brought up the fact that a class size of 30 might easily give us fair grounds to refuse a student registration into a class he has already failed. Ray Boyd restated the doubt that students could legally be ‘refused’ a class as many times as needed. He also mentioned that the Block Schedule idea was sold to parents because their students would have the ability to retake classes as needed. Questions: Dory asked if students who fail a class are allowed to retake the class the following semester. Perhaps a limit on WHEN student would be allowed to register for a repeat course could be set. Stephen Dartt said the usual recourse was to help senior students retake courses required to graduate with their class. Mr. Kulp suggested that students who fail a college prep class be ‘changed’ to a technical track. Patrick Norton stated opinion that Tech classes seem to have become full of students who do not have the work ethic to do any work in any class, not necessarily students who desire to earn a technical diploma. (Patrick, Eddie) Where can we place students who are not enrolled in the academic classes they have failed. Again, students who need to go to summer school do not often choose to go; they simply do not have the money or desire or work ethic to attend. (Murla & Kristen Bator) said that their students who informed them they CHOOSE to go to Shiloh
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Registration concerns meeting Sept 24 - Registration...

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